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I am looking for the marriage of my great great Grandfather and great great Grandmother the only information I have is there names, William Bigham and Esther Burns and that they were married in a Catholic church in the Banbridge area.He came from Garvaghy or possibly Kilkanamurray and was born about 1809, there first child was born about 1840. her name was Eliza Jane Bigham. I believe she was born in Kilkanamurray. From that information I have assumed that they were married in 1835/39.

I have no information on Esther Burns.

The other churches I have tried in the area do not have records that go back as far as this.One other piece of information Is William Bigham's father was also a William  Bigham a farmer from Garvaghy. It is my opinion that this was a mixed marriage and we (the Family ) have been Catholic ever since. I would be very grateful if you can assist me in this search.As neither could read or write there could possibly be mis-spellings of there name

Yours sincerely

John Bigham    

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