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Hello Catherine,

 I hope you might be able to post this on your website.

 My name is Jeff Slater and I am searching for information about my ancestors, the Devlins.

 Peter Devlin was baptized in Tullylish in 1833.  His father's name was Francis.  I do not know his mother's name. I am attaching a copy of his baptismal certificate. During his time in the Tullylish area he became an expert flax dresser and was probably employed into one of the local flax manufactories.  Sometime in the 1850s he was hired by the Birch family to convert the Birchgrove Distillery (Roscrea, Co. Tipperary) into a flax manufactory.  His family remained in Roscrea before immigrating to Philadelphia in the 1880s and 90s.

 I only recently discovered Peter's origin in the north.  I do not have information about his immediate family or homestead.  If anyone in your community may be able to help I would be most grateful.




Jeff Slater

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