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Good morning:

Greetings from Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  I am writing to request information on my Kelly ancestors from Tullylish parish.  (I am having problems with my home e-mail and am sending this request from my place of employment.)

I have located online - via Ulster Historical Foundation - two relatives whose Roman Catholic births are recorded for Tullylish Banbridge:
14 March 1861, Henry Kelly (my great-great grandfather) born to John Kelly and Sally Anne Black
11 August 1883, Patrick John Kelly (my great-great-great-uncle) born to Henry Kelly and Bridget McGrane

The Kellys worked in the linen industry as weavers, roughers and flax dressers, so my guess is they worked closest to Banbridge but lived and worshipped in Tullylish parish.  Henry Kelly and Bridget McGrane relocated to Lisburn by 1885, as that is where my great-grandfather (also named Henry Kelly) was born.

So far, I have not been able to locate any other information on John Kelly, Sally Anne Black, or any other of their children, and this is where I hope you can kindly help.  My dream is to visit Ireland within the next year or two and see where my ancestors lived.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Warmest regards,
Scott Kelly

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