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My name is James McDowell. I am doing some family research and think my great-great-grandfather came from Tullylish. His name was Robert McDowell and was born in either 1819 or 1820. He married a woman named Ann around 1844-1845. They were Presbyterians. They also had a son named John in 1846. That is the same year they migrated to Quebec, Canada. I am not sure if John was born in Ireland or Canada. About 50 years later their son Thomas, my great-grandfather, migrated to Schenectady, New York where my father and then later myself was born.

I am wondering, if it is not too difficult, if the baptism and marriage records for Robert McDowell could be checked? I would really appreciate it. I am from the States but currently in Dublin at the moment. I am considering possibly making a trip up north if there is proof of a Robert and Ann McDowell coming from Tullylish. I'd appreciate any help I can get.